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eFoodhandlers works cooperatively with state and local governmental agencies to expand the public's access to vital food safety information.

If your jurisdiction's food safety policy is unlisted or inaccurate, please give us an update at complianceservices@eFoodhandlers.com

Would you like to give economically-challenged food workers access to free and low-cost training? Contact sales@eFoodhandlers.com

Total Turnkey Website
eFoodhandlers can offer multiple services including the set-up of a unique website specifically for food safety training and testing. It is totally turnkey. eFoodhandlers provides you all the technology you need to have your own food handler website. This includes:

  • site design & setup
  • content management
  • food handler curriculum
  • testing
  • online food card formatting
  • credit card authorization & settlement
  • site operations
  • analysis report and usage statistics
  • search engine optimization

An eFoodhandlers.com website is painless to start and painless to maintain. They do all the work. You have no upfront costs. Based upon the amount of services required, you are charged a fee per paid license. This is usually a small percentage of the training cost charged the food handler for acquiring their certificate.

Training Partnerships
eFoodhandlers can provide online food safety training partnerships to government agencies. In one option, eFoodhandlers provides the training service, collects funds, issues approved permits or licenses and remits funds back to the agency. In a second option, food handlers and workers can simply take eFoodhandlers certificate of completion to agency offices to receive official permits or licenses. Other options are available.

Pay-for-Click program
eFoodhandlers offers government agencies the ability to purchase Pay-for-Click advertising. Under this program, agencies can leverage eFoodhandlers’ access to food handlers of all ages to inform them of relevant services or to even link them to their own programs. The cost of this service is purely based on customer usage. A ‘Pay-for-Conversion’ program may also be available.

For more information on any of these programs, contact sales@eFoodhandlers.com.